After 20 years of singing and writing about life in warmer climates, life is finally starting to imitate art for singer/songwriter Dennis McCaughey. The Pennsylvania native is spending the last part of 2021 relocating to Florida, where he'll establish a new home port near the Gulf of Mexico. 

"After many years of thinking about life near the beach, it seemed like it was time to make it happen." Says the veteran Trop Rocker. "I'm looking forward to new beginnings in a place I've come to love." 

Dennis, and his award winning group Tropical Soul, have been a favorite of Parrot Heads and Trop Rock fans for decades. Annual appearances at the Meeting of the Minds Convention in Key West Florida and a residency at the Hogs Breath Saloon, combined with airplay on various internet radio stations, have allowed him to build a loyal fanbase that spans the continental U.S. and beyond. 

"This upcoming move will allow my touring schedule to open up some. And the new home base will make travel much easier for me since I'll be a lot closer to some of Trop Rock's premier venues and events. It'll be way different than life in the Northeast." 

The move to Florida will mean more solo shows, but Dennis isn't ready to close the book Tropical Soul yet. 

"Even though I will be moving away from my two main partners in Tropical Soul, Heather Vidal and Dan McCaughey, we will still be available for Trop Rock events and festivals.  In addition, it will be great to be near so many Trop Rock musicians who I have enjoyed playing with over the years, especially the only other musician other than me to be on all of my CDs, John Patti." 

Dennis McCaughey and Tropical Soul have recorded six albums since 2000, including the most recent, Best Day Ever, which was released in the fall of 2020. Here's what Dennis has to say about the record. 

"Like all the other Tropical Soul CDs, Best Day Ever was another labor of love.  Even though the pandemic hit right in the middle of recording, we got back in the studio as soon as we could safely, and the break gave us a chance to add a few additional songs and polish up the rest of them.  I'm really proud of this work, especially the musicians and producers that I worked with.  Working with my son, Dan McCaughey, on this record was a really great experience. He co-wrote a song with me and takes lead vocals on two tracks." 

"After over twenty years of the 'Yankee' version of Tropical Soul, this new beginning and move south will give me exciting opportunities to continue Tropical Soul and also concentrate on my solo career."